Six Traits Six Traits
Writing Text Structures

June 22nd---Wolfe Run
June 21st--- Science--- Matter---All the Pieces Matter Argumentative---Debate: Better Late than Never---Social Studies—China, Freedom’s Road
June 20th--- Narrative---Arachne the Weaver---Informative/Explanatory---Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
June 19th--- Narrative---What Different Houses Have
June 18th--- Science--- Fossils,It Would Be Hard to Smile at A Smilodon Social Studies-Timeline/history---Eyewitness to History

June 14th---Preparation for test
June 13th---Corrections or Kahoot ---Lion King
June 12th--- Make corrections to F is For Fat Open Ended ---Ellis Island(Mrs. G.)
June 11th---Argumentative----Sun Burn Informative/Explanatory---A Constitution for Kids---Student Council Dorney Park

June 8th--- Science--- Earth,From the Earth to Outer Space Science--- Plate Tectonics
June 7th--- Informative/Explanatory---Lightning and Fire Social Studies---Egypt---Where Did King Tut Get His Eyebrow?
June 6th---Argumentative---Crash! Argumentative---Debate: Are Zoos Bad News?
June 5th--- Social Studies---Rome The Birth of Romulus, Remus, and Rome---PROJECT
June 4th--- Social Studies---Rome The Birth of Romulus, Remus, and Rome

June 1st--- F is for Debate quiz and Frayer model
May 31st--- Informative/Explanatory Frayer Model---Fatty Foods Flunk Out of School Argumentative---News Debate: F Is for Fat
May 30th---Medieval Times
May 29th--- Social Studies---Greece Archaeologists Hit a Home Run Narrative---The Road Not Taken

May 25th--- Completion of Text Structure Essay and Fictional World
May 24th--- Peer Feedback Text Structure and Fictional World
May 23rd--- Creation of Text Structure Essay/Editing
May 22nd---Completion of Text Structure Outline---Music Fest
May 21st---Thesis

May 18th---Science---Weather Weather or Not Social Studies---The Center of the City Teen Arts
May 17th---Note taking and intro of text structure frame
May 16th---Text structure Essay
May 15th---Compare and Contrast--- Dave and Buster's MOMS academy
May 14th---Sequence

May 11th---Description
May 10th---Completion of Fictional World
May 3rd, 4th, and 5th---Science Text
April 27th---Word Choice, Problem and Solution, Voice

April 20th---Cause and Effect

April 19th---Story Ending

April 18th---Story Ending

April 17th---Problem and Solution

April 16th---Problem and Solution

April 13th---Problem and Solution