May 24th

Learning Intention:
We are learning to utilize the text structures to assist us in
reading and creating (interdisciplinary) science and social studies texts.
We are learning to develop ideas with our first of the six traits of writing.

Success Criteria:
I know I am successful when I can synthesize
my knowledge of adding voice to text
and utilizing the text structure of problem and solution
by creating an original writing that uses signal words
and answers the key questions of this category of writing.
I Can... reflect(transfer, extended, abstract)
upon organized writing that is done in text structure set up by
creating an text structure essay using the literary works of The Three Little Pigs and/or The Original Story of The Three Little Pigs.

I Can... evaluate signal questions and analyze(deep, rational)
works of literature for their value of text structure.

I Can...apply(deep, rational)
the text structures, to the narrative texts, The Three Little Pigs and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.

I Can...describe(surface, multi-structural)
specific words that are included in a certain text structure piece of writing.

I Can...identify(surface, uni-structural)
a given text structure in a piece of text, using signal words and signal questions.
Please check that you DO NOT have the following in your Essay or Fictional World.

1. No spaces between paragraphs.

2. Nothing colored or highlighted.

3. No notes, images, or graphic organizers.

Please check that you DO have the following in your Essay or Fictional World.

1. 12 pt. font

2. Font must be arial.

3. creative title

4. Your name saved in what the files is named and on the paper itself. NO NAME, YOUR WORK IS A ZERO.

5. Both documents are shared with me.