Text structures,

Description signal frames

Description Frames 1 & 2
Text structure video,

The Magic School Bus At the Waterworks,

Show, Don't Tell
Worst Day Ever,

A Bad Case of Stripes,

Text Excerpt,

Bumper Sticker
Great introduction video,

Weather or Not,

6 tabs
A Lincoln Narrative,

Creating A Character

Proofreading Marks
Description Signal Questions,



The Magic School Bus, Inside a Hurricane
Vocabulary Overview,

Fatty Foods Flunk Out of School,

Frayer Model

Expository 1
Cinderella Penguin,

What Have You Learned?
How to write descriptively video,

The Center of the City,

Alphabet Game
News Debate: F is for Fat?

3 part foldable,

Argumentative Essay Checklist