April 13th

Learning Intention:
We are learning to utilize the text structures to assist us in
reading and creating (interdisciplinary) science and social studies texts.
We are learning to develop ideas with our first of the six traits of writing.

Success Criteria:
I know I am successful when I can synthesize
my knowledge of adding voice to text
and utilizing the text structure of problem and solution
by creating an original writing that uses signal words
and answers the key questions of this category of writing.
I Can... reflect(transfer, extended, abstract)
upon organized writing that is done in a problem and solution manor by
creating an original work including a distinctive problem that has at least one solution.

I Can... evaluate signal questions and analyze(deep, rational)
works of literature for their value of voice.

I Can...apply(deep, rational)
the text structure, problem and solution, to both science and social studies texts.

I Can...describe(surface, multi-structural)
specific words that are included in a problem and solution piece of writing.

I Can...identify(surface, uni-structural)
a problem and solution piece of text, using signal words and signal questions.
Activities & Assessments

Fold the page up on a diagonal and name it Problem and Solution

On the next page,copy these notes.

Problem and Solution

Problem/Solution Definition:
Tell about a problem (and sometimes say why there is a problem) then gives one or more possible solutions.

Goose bumps make me shiver.
But they disappear as soon as I cover up with a jacket or sweater.

Signal Words
Question is
Dilemma is
The puzzle is
To solve this
One answer is
One reason for the problem is
Problem is
This led to
The main difficulty
One possible solution is
One challenge is

Signal Questions
What is the problem?
Why is this a problem?
Is anything being done to solve the problem?
What can be done to solve the problem?
What are the pros and cons of the solutions offered?


How to get students to their assignments

1. Have students go to www.readworks.org/student
2. Students should sign in with their Google account.
3. Students enter class code 7KKG56


Content Articles---Informative/Explanatory---Living on the Edge

In your notebook,
write one large problem and solution that can be stated after reading the article.